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:iconcaycay: and :icontimothius: are visiting me right now in RL!! Having a blast! And now we are really getting somewhere with my game, Twisted Mettle! Stay tuned!!
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Wee!! My GF :iconcaycay: comes to visit me tomorrow, and :icontmothius* will come in two weeks!! Caaaan't wait!! :) :)

And I gotta clean my place...if they see this mess, they won't visit me again. ;)
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Terrific!! Just when I got a new joypad to complete my Mega CD game, then entire Mega CD system breaks!! Am I not allowed to complete this game...?

I have had this Mega CD since 1995, and it has served me well, so it is understandable that it breaks by now. The timing is just...well, it could have been better. Specially since I have two friends visiting :iconcaycay: and :icontimothius: in summer, and I had a few games I wanted to show them. Hope I can get it solved til then...
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Voice casts needed!!

Would anyone like to cast some roles for Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot or Antoine  for my game Twisted Mettle? :)

Just a few lines for battles, but very important nevertheless. If you have what it takes, and think your voice is fitting, please send me a note, or an email to:

rubens (dot) barrichello (at) gmx (dot) de

And please include a voice sample or two. :)

Sally - Let's do it to it!
Antonie - En garde, mon ami!
Bunnie - There ya go, sugah-hog!
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ARGH!! I can't believe it!! I was just about to finish the RPG Popful Mail for the Mega CD, and guess what...just when I'm about to fight the final boss, my only joypad breaks...!!

At least I got my game saved there, so as soon as I get a new joypad, I'll finish it...

I just can't believe it...!!
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  • Playing: twisted Mettle (debugging)
  • Eating: Cheese-snitzel with potatoes
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The rumours about my death are greatly exaggerated!

Alright, that sounded quite as an cliché, but I couldn't resist. :) but I have actually gotten a few emails from people asking if I have stopped and dropped my page, Since there haven't been any updates since September last year, this is very understandable...but the page is not dead. I have just been very busy the last half year with my latest game project, Twisted Mettle, and I simply havent had much updates to do. But there will be updates later in spring, that's for certain...

Twisted Mettle? What's that?

I'll tell from the beginning...

I have always enjoyed videogames, as I played my first (Zelda on the NES, back in 1988), and since 1990 I had dreams to create games on my own someday, but I thought I never would. But in 1996 I was working, together with a guy in South Africa, called Ablater (as well as some other people down there) with a 2D plattform game with Sally, called Twisted Mettle. I was doing the animation sprites (as unbelievable as it may sound) and it actually looked good, the project came out very nicely. However, we only managed to create a simple demo that would lock up early, and that was it. Ablater got busy and the project died, which was a great shame, as the project was quite well-spoken of in those days.

In 1997, I created the game "Tails and the Quest for 100 rings", which was a simple 2D non-scrolling plattformer for the PC. The game was created with the program "Click & Play" and it was very appreciated in the Sonic fandom online - it even got released on a CD to a Brazilian game magazine (unfortunately I forgot the name of it). One reason that the game was successful was that it was the first completed Sonic-fan made game ever released online.

Needless to say, I wanted to create a sequal, and so I did. I created "Tails Quest 2 - a Tale of Love", which was a spinoff (get the pun?) of the game "Flimbo's Quest" for various home systems, such as the C64 and Amiga. The graphic turned out great, thanks to Maringa Mikic :iconcaycay:, my GF, who made a super-smooth animation of Tails. Unfortunately, this game flopped completely; the game was too slow, and was not very thrilling. I considered giving up creating games after this failure.

But in 1999, I felt like continuing the "Twisted Mettle" project on my own, and I created another 2D plattform game in the program "The Games Factory" but the game only contained two stages and a simple boss, and I didn't even bother to release this demo. I still have it somewhere on my computer, and if there is any interest in this demo, I might release it, but even if it is well recieved, I won't extend it.

In 2000, I created another game with the two-tailed wonder, and this game was called "Tails Race". It was a scrolling racing game, where you had to race a few laps on each track within a time limit in order to proceed to the next track. Simple graphics, not hyper thrilling, but a little bit fun to play at least. I got a few nice comments about this game, but it didn't become the success I had hoped for. Again, I considered giving up creating computer-games...

But five years later, in 2005, I got the program RpgMaker, thanks to my dear friend Tim Fewell :icontimothius:, and I immediately got hooked on it. I immediately started to play around with it, and in 2006, I released the game "Chaotix of Tomorrow" (CoT), which as far as I know is the first completed Sonic-fan related RPG online, and this game became quite a success at least, with several thousands of downloads. And I'm in all honesty very happy that the game was so well recieved, as I worked over 2000 hours with it. But even though the game was successful, I felt once again that it was time for me to stop creating games. I felt that I had done my part, and I felt like quitting with a good last game. I even wrote after the ending credits that this was going to be my last game!!


Tim told me that he was creating another game in relation to CoT, and show me some screenshots. I got hooked up on the program again, and decided to create a sequal of both CoT and his game, and I had had plans to create something mainly based on the SatAm universe already in the past, and then I remembered the Twisted Mettle project that I was working on, more than ten years earlier...


Twisted Mettle is back!! And this time as an RPG! I started to plan and create this game in spring/early summer in 2007 and I'm still working on it right now as I'm writing this, and right now, Id say that about 85-90% of the game is completed (left to add is graphics, but the programming itself is done, and I also have to bug test the game some), and a fair guess is that I've spent about 1000 hours totally on this project. It is going to be bigger, and hopefully better than CoT, but since I've been able to use a lot of old data from CoT, a lot of time has been as I've been creating this game. If this game will be a success, I don't know, but it should at least be fairly appreciated, thanks to all the great graphics made by Maringa Mikic, Becky the hedgehog, Felipe Marcantonio and everybody else. I'm not going into detail about the story yet, but all I say is that Sally is the main character in this game, and she has to save Mobius and Angel Island (and yes, of course the Chaotix will be part of it, however they dont play the main role this time) from a new threat. And if you have played through the Suikoden games, you will recognize a thing or two in this game, that's for certain...50 heroes are spread all over Mobius, and 40 of them are playable...will you find them all?

I will try to have this game released on November 28th 2008, as this is my 30th birthday. And will this game be my last one? I'm don't know what to believe myself. ;) Time will tell.

Just one last note: I started to create this game *before* I heard of the official Sonic RPG which is going to be released this year. That game didn't inspire me in any way to create Twisted Mettle. Thus, any similarity between CoT, Twisted Mettle and the official Sonic RPG is purely coincidental, unless the Sonic RPG-makers took something directly from CoT (yeah right, very likely...)

Mighty / Magnus out
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Happy birthday to me! Yep, I turned 29 today, how time flies. But there is no use for you to tease me about my age, because I don't have any aging complex whatsoever, even though I'm 30 next year...

And speaking of that, Im working on a huge project right now, and I don't want to tell yet what it is...all I say is that it is (partly) Chaotix-related, and that it is going to be even greater than Chaotix of Tomorrow! And my goal is to have the project released on November 28th, 2008, on my 30th birthday. My present to all of you. ;) Wish me luck about it.

And...another reason to celebrate is that now has reached half a million of visitors!! The traffic is not so high as it used to be, because of lack of updates, but the traffic is still steady, and as long as people will visit, I will continue running the page. Thank you all visitors!! Hope you have had fun, and that your fun will continue next year when I release this new secret project!!

And I have also started to record videos, showing off my performances in various videogames, just for fun...I just scored over $89.000 in Crazy Taxi on Gamecube, with 207 customers, a new record perhaps? don't trust me? Then go here:…

To watch all my Youtube videos, go here:…

Except for this, Im moving to another place in my town, so this week I will be online very sporadic, and if Im unlucky, I will be offline for two weeks, because the system of moving broadband from one apartment to another is incredibly slow here where I live. So fear not, I will be back!

Take care all! *hugs*
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GAAAHH!! It happened again today!! Im working night and evenings, as Im delivering newspapers early in the mornings, and making interviews by phone in the evening. In other words, I sleep from the morning til afternoon. The problem is just that this society isn't constructed for evening- and nightworkers...

This sunday, my sleep was interrupted, as the main office at my work called me, after that I had slept for just two hours. There were some problems that needed to be cleared out.

On monday, some guy rang on my doorbell and tried to collect my TV-tax, but I dont have any TV, so I have nothing to pay. Again, it happened in the morning, three after that I have gone to sleep. Had big problems to fall asleep again.

Yesterday (tuesday), my insurance comapny called me, and checked some data and also tried to make me signed up for another insurance that I wasn't interested in. I managed to get four hours of sleep before they called. Huge problems to fall asleep again.

And today (wednesday), the electicity company called, as they needed to discuss some plans for my electricity to the new place where Im moving in a month. I got three hours of sleep before that happened. And later my GF called me because of a flooding in her house, but I certainly don't blame her for that. But I do blame the idiot above her place, who went to work while having the washing-machine on!!

I have only gotten four hours of sleep now, and Im in an annoying middle-stage. Im too tired to do anything useful, but too awake to sleep.

Just one of these days, I wish I could be entitled to get my regular sleep just like any other human being...or am I asking for too much?! I wonder who will call me tomorrow. I won't unplug my phone , because of emergency matters, such as the one that happened today. I was considering to unplug the phone this morning, but I take what happened today as a sign from above that I shouldn't do it...

For tomorrow...


Added a few hours later:

Now a salesman rang on my door!! The label I had put up that I didnt want any salesmen had fallen off!! AAARGGGHHH!!!
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My wonderful fiancee :iconcaycay: and I have been together for 10 years now...we had that day yesterday, soooo....I travelled down the entire way from Sweden to Germany and surprised her!! She was quite delighted (and so was I), fell free to read her journal. I called her on my cellphone, asking her to look at the kitchen window, where I was standing with a bouquet of roses. :) It didnt take may seconds til that I was holding her in my arms... :)

It will be difficult to surpass this surprise...but perhaps I already have an idea in mind, who knows...? ;)

Anyways, this means that Im off for a couple of days, will go back on sunday, will be home at my own place on monday. Til then, Im gonna enjoy my time with the girl I love so much... :)
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Doesn't this just beat all...? As most of you already know, Im making investigations within Sweden, and have been doing this for several years and I have experienced a lot of bizarre things during these years...but this is just...crazy!!

Instead of getting calls within Sweden, I have already been talking to a woman in the USA, and I have also been in contact with England, France, Austria, Russia, China, Japan, and some other east-European country where I couldn't identify the langauge...

The interview company knows about this problem, and have just asked me to keep going. I get paid as usual, so no worries about that.

God knows where I end up next...maybe at YOUR place...?

"Hello, my name is Magnus Andersson, and Im calling from a Sedish interview company and would like to ask a few questions about sausages here in Japan..."

Yeah right...
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My love has gone back to Germany, and today my work starts over. It could be better. But also far worse.

Big hugs to:

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The last month has been very stressy, but Im looking forward to a very fat paycheck in just a few days, the fattest I have ever gotten. I would normally be delighted about it, but Im very annoyed about my father...he spoke to me last night and said that he was worried about me that I would be without job for a few weeks during summer, and was more or less ordering me to do this and that. What the heck does he demand?! I have been working overtime now for over a month, I have a budget, and I will still be able to work almost halftime during summer...gee. My first thought was that I should sign up for more work with delivering advertsiment, but I decided against it after all, it is not worth it.

Sometimes I wish I could just be left alone and entitled to build my own life. Im "only" 28 years old. In 12 years Im 40. This is ridicolous...

Enough of ranting from me. Im looking forward to my paycheck, and also for summer. I have no negative feelings. I have done everything I could.

I will try to update my homepage a bit later this week, I have some updates to take care of. Ive been too busy with my work.

In summer, I also hope to write a walkthrough for the classic game "Fist II" for Commodore 64. It is one of the most annoying games for the C64, so I hope to be the first one to write it, I know that I can help a lot people with it.
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So stressed...right now Im working overtime, more than 50 hours a week, feeling quite desperate (seriously!) to work away as much as possible of my study debts. I shouldnt work as hard as I am right now, but in a month, there will be much less work that Ill be able to do, so as I have wind in the sails right now, I don't want to waste the opportunity. I have to rest up in June.

No risk that I will starve for now, in other words. Seriously, my next paycheck will be the biggest I have ever had. I admit that Im looking forward to it...

Hmm...working and sleeping are basically the only things Im doing right now. Spending a bit of my time on Second Life, checking through art online...that's my life right now. Not very thrilling. But things will hopefully change fairly soon.
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My grandmother has been called home to heaven.

I love you granny...I hope to see you again up there. God bless you!
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  • Eating: Müsli, Meatsauce, noodles
  • Drinking: Orange Juice (lots!!) I have too much work to do. My deliveries  and also my much, so little time. And I also need to update my page, it is collecting dust. I have more fanworks to upload. is the 1st of April today (it is passed midnight over here). Don't get tricked anyone. Im telling a couple of facts here...which one do you think is the fake one?

* I have my job to deliver advertisment back.
* My computer got infected by a virus yesterday.
* I recieved a phone call from the great wall of China last morning.
* I discovered a youghurt package in my fridge that was 4 months old. I also found two eggs that were 3 months old.
* My bowling team won the league. We are moving to the next one.
* My study debts are down on $22.000.

Whic one is it? Tell me. :) Bye for now.
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First of all, thanks to all of you who supported me while I felt down, I had a bit of a depression for a while, but Im feeling slightly better now. What worries me most right now is that my work situation is a bit unstable, but Ill survive for now.

Better news is that our bowling team won yesterday, while other main rivals lost their match, which means that we have taken the lead in the league! Two matches are remaining, and victory in a single one is enough to seize victory of the league. Then we'll advance to the next level...that would be fun. :) *IF* we win, that is.

And I made another two pics tonight...Im trying to play a little with colours. Still primitive, but better than I used to do. Slowly learning.

Thats all for now. Take care and goodnight!

Ps. Hmm...and in case you wonder why this is my 20th journal, while my last one was the 22nd...the reason is that I forgot journal #20 in the cronology, so here it is. ;) Journal #23 will be the next one. ;)
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  • Listening to: "The flame still burns" -Jimmy Nail
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Still Crazy
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Bread
  • Drinking: Water
  • Listening to: "The flame still burns" -Jimmy Nail
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Still Crazy
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Bread
  • Drinking: Water
Just leave me alone. Let me cry in peace.
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:iconyuski: tagged me to answer these questions, so...why not? :)

01) First name: Magnus

02) Your nickname in dA: Mightydillo

03) Birthday: November 28th

04) Horoscope sign: Sagitarius

05) Birth town: Norrkoping, Sweden

06) Religion: Christian with a bit of soliphisitc influence.

07) Nationality: Swedish

08) Parents: Mom and dad, both 59

09) Do you love them: Yes

10) Brothers or sisters: I have a 32 years old sister

11) Do you like the place where you live: Yes, it is peaceful.

12) Hair color: Brown.

13) Color of your eyes: Blue

14) Height: 1m87cm

15) Weight: 90 KG

16) What school/grade are you going to: Graduated from the university last spring

17) What marks do you have: I got my degree to be a teacher on college level in subjects sociology and religion.

18) Do you work anywhere: Im a freelancer. For the moment I deliver newspapers at 03.00-06.00am and make phone interviews between 5pm-9pm. So don't try to call me during those times... ;; Im also a Linden collector on Second Life. XD

19) What do you want to be in your life: Happy with my GF.

20) Your life: Ill survive, but it could have been better.

21) Personal quote: "As there can't be enough happiness in this world, my job is never done".

22) Lucky number: 79. It was the first number I won on, on a lottery when I was 7 years old.

23) What are you interested in: Online gaming, comics, my homepage, art, bowling...and Im the worst EUROVISION SONG CONTEST nerd on DA, undoubtedly. And no, Im not homosexual.

24) Good side of your character: I try to cae for others more than myself. People say so, at least.

25) Bad side of it: Sometimes it makes me feel worn out.

26) Is your life happy: I shouldnt complain. But I wish my GF was here.

27) Do you think that you are crazy: Is knowing all results from the Eurovision Song Contest, and have all festivals on DVD since 1956 crazy anough...?

28) What is the time: 9:14pm. My interview-shift just ended, thank heavens.

29) What is the date: 01/31/2007

30) What's the weather like? Cold!

33) Singer: Jimmy Nail, Plastic Betrand

34) Band: Group Lokomotif, Nova Fossilis, Johnny hates Jazz

35) Song: Sarkim Sevgi Üstüne (if you are Turkish, *please* send me a note!!)

36) Best concert you have been: I was to a concert in Germany, but it sucked.

37) Actress: pass

38) Actor: Christopher Lambert

39) Film: Mrs Doubtfire

40) TV serial: Allo Allo, Keeping up Appearances, Shogun

41) Theatre play: The little Saint

42) Film director: pass

43) Do you want to be famous: If I manage to make the world into something better, yes

44) Do you want to be an actor/actress: Sure, sounds like fun!

45) Do you want to be a singer: Possibly.

46) Book: Shougn, and the Bible

47) Colors: Blue, Green

49) Food: Müsli & Milk, Tea, and a lot of cheese sandwhiches
50) Drink: Water

51) Sweet: Gave a resolutiuon las tyear not to eat any in 2007.

52) Fruit: Pineapples, grapes

53) The worst food: Pea Soup

54) The Worst drink: pass

55) The worst Singer: pass

56) The worst Band: pass

57) The worst Actor: pass

58) The worst Actress: Whats the name of the female actress wo survives in House of the Dead?

59) The worst Movie: House of the Dead

60) The worst book: I cant chose.

61) Do you drink alchocol: Sometimes, a beer, or some brandy.

62) Do you smoke: No

63) Do you take some drugs (and what): No

64) What do you adore to wear: Something comfortable.

65) Do you think you're pretty: I don't cause any nightmares.

66) What languages do you speak: Swedish, English, a bit of German, beginners Japanese. I understand Norweigan and Danish.

67) The most beautiful person you have ever seen/male: pass

68) The most beautiful person you have ever seen/female: pass

69) The most beautiful person on dA/male: pass

70) The most beautiful person on dA/female: :iconcaycay:

71) 5 your best friends on dA/male: Yuski, Timothius, Rugalb98, Darkspeeds

72) 5 your best friends on dA/female: CayCay, Chibi-jen-hen, Michelle the Wolf

73) The ugliest person on dA/male: pass

74) The ugliest person on dA/female: passt

75) The person on dA who you love the most/female: :iconcaycay:

76) The person on dA who you love the most/male: Timothius, like a brother

77) The person on dA who you don't like at all/female: pass

78) The person on dA who you don't like at all/male: pass

79) Are you in love?: Yes

80) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes

81) How does he/she looks like: Its personal. :)

82) Is he/she from dA(put avatar): :iconcaycay:

83) When was your Very First Kiss: December 22nd, 1997.

84) How was it: Nervous, but wonderful.

87) E-mail addess: rubens (dot) barrichello (at) gmx (dot) de

88) Do you have something against gays: Nothing.

89) The best experience in your life: When I graduated last spring from university.

90) The worst experience in your life: When I failed my theological studies my first year at university.

91) When were you the happiest: When my GF replied online that she loved me.

93) When were you the saddest: When my great grand mother died.

96) What would you do if you were invisible for one hour: Not telling :)

97) Who do you want to get stuck in a lift with: :iconcaycay:

98) Do you have an idol: pass

99) If the world goes to apocalypse, and you can save only one person, who will that be: :iconcaycay: